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Air Filtration Sanitation Services


Our Portable Air Filtration units are collectively designed for immediate installation, air disinfection and surface sterilization. Our units are equipped with various sub-systems such as a modified Air Blower (Fan), HEPA Filter and UV-C Germicidal and Ozone Generation systems for neutralizing various kinds of microbes present in the air, all of which can be set up to a customer’s requirements in a matter of minutes and can be powered at set times.

Our portable free-standing units also include a sophisticated programmable Digital Time Switch to pre-set the duration of the ozone cycle and UV-C disinfection process as well as emergency shutdown. After careful study, the sub-systems are placed in their relevant chambers within a robust enclosure having air vents on top surfaces, equipped with four castors for ease in mobility. Both the enclosure and its panels are made from sheet metal and are corrosion protected by application of suitable coatings. 

UV-C Germicidal Disinfection System 
The UV-C germicidal disinfection system has been in use, majorly in medical facilities, since the invention of UV Quartz Lamp (known as Germicidal Lamp) in year 1904 after the disinfection properties of short wavelengths (UV-C, wavelength ranging 200nm – 280nm) by sunlight had been discovered around 140 years ago. Drastic measures, taken by WHO and Countries worldwide, has forced various industries to invest in developing UV-C Technologies to mitigate risks associated with the spread of viruses. The UV-C germicidal disinfection system is effectively capable of decontamination by neutralizing or capturing micro-organisms and our units are the only units that have been ‘real life’ tested on COVID – including air flow – proven to reduce COVID particles by 92%. 
Our larger portable unit is equipped with 6 Nos of 25W UV-C Germicidal Lamps (dominant wavelength 253.7nm) with a maximum UV-C Dose of 250 J/m2. The UV-C lamps are mounted in a closed chamber just above the Air Blower.  

Ozone Generation System 
Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and alcohol have been used in various standard cleaning and disinfection applications for disinfection of surfaces, from viruses and bacteria, which are easily accessible. However, the inability to reach or penetrate narrow places, uneven surfaces and fabrics may justify the need for advanced surface sterilization processes. The capability to penetrate through such Hard to Reach areas makes Ozone Gas a valuable addition to standard cleaning processes for disinfection applications in Advanced Surface Sterilization Procedures. The Ozone Generator System within the unit itself is incorporated as a separate system and contains 1 No of high-powered ozone discharge plate, timer setting, audible and visual warning system before dispersing ozone gas. The ozone generator system is also connected to Emergency Shutdown if anyone may still be present in the room. 

Air Blower (Fan) Pre-Filter and HEPA Filter 
The powerful Air Blower (Fan) is capable of thoroughly circulating cleaner air within the building/area for which it is placed. The maximum average air flow rate of 2075 m3/h can be achieved when mounted with HEPA Filter. A Pre-Filter and dedicated HEPA Filter are used for removal of particles from the 

Air Filtration System Requests

Ozone is a highly reactive substance and can have adverse effects on health if the necessary precautions are not taken. The Supplier takes its responsibilities in this regard extremely seriously and wishes to highlight the steps which the Supplier and the Customer must take to ensure that no harm results from operation of the Product.

Please answer the questions below accurately so that the ozone settings of the machines can be set up correctly.

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